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Old Forge Chimney Repair Cleaning Masonry Stoves Restoration Speculator Remsen

Chimney & Fireplace Restoration in Old Forge NY

Your fireplace is built out of heat-resistant materials, which may hold up well against years of fires, but over time, mortar joints can wear down and crack, leaving the wood and other materials around your fireplace less protected against heat, embers, and even flames. If water leaks into your fireplace, that can speed up the wear and tear considerably.

If you feel your fireplace repairs, Central Masonry & Chimney technicians can inspect your fireplace and recommend the best way to bring the fireplace back to optimum levels of performance and safety.

Firebox Repointing & Tuckpointing

If your damage is around eroded or cracked masonry joints, it can often be repaired with repointing and/or tuckpointing work. This process involves removing the old mortar and adding fresh mortar into the joints to create a new protective surface.

Fireplace Rebuilds

If significant damage to the refractory materials in your fireplace is present, the most effective, and safest course of action may be a fireplace rebuild.

With a Central Masonry & Chimney rebuild, you’re guaranteed the safest fireplace possible. This may also be a great time to make aesthetic changes to your fireplace.  We got a wide array of options to make your new fireplace fit the style of your living area.  Unlike years ago, fireplace bricks now come in many shapes, sizes, and colors.  Using various patterns and designs, we can build you that fireplace you’ve always wanted!

Prefabricated Fireboxes

Prefabricated fireplaces and inserts may also need repair. This consists of replacing the refractory panels that make up the walls and floor of the firebox when cracks have developed or the surfaces have worn away. Our technicians at Central Masonry and Chimney are very experienced at these types of repairs.


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Central Masonry Chimney Old Forge Speculator Remsen

Old Forge Chimneys Repair Cleaning Restoration Remsen


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